How i made this

Do you have an interesting product? Show us !

Submit a 2 to 3 minute video of how your product is made.

We will choose the best and someone will win 2 million rupiah!

What do I have to do?

Record your video 2-3 min length of how your product is being made

Don’t add music or text – we will do later

Provide a short description of your product + your business name

The Winners

Submit your video!


Who can submit?

Anyone who creates interesting and unique products in Indonesia.

Do I have to be a professional videographer?

No, just use your phone and film the process of your product coming to life.

How will you pick the winner of 2 million rupiah?

The Funding and BizIn will pick a winner based on presentation of product, creativity, storytelling, uniqueness and inspiration.

How do I submit?

Fill in the form above.

Can people from all over the world submit?

No, this time it’s only from Indonesia.