Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy page of BizIn. The privacy policy helps you (the user) understand what information we collect, why and how we use it to build the services you use.

Terms of Service (Terms of Services)

Thank you for using the BizIn service. Please note that by using this service, you agree to the terms and conditions of use of this service.

  1. You agree and follow or comply with the procedures for using the services available to you (end users), subject to the applicable laws and regulations, and at any time the service may be suspended or terminated if in the use of the services there is a violation of the terms of use of the service or the applicable legal rules. apply. You can take advantage of the services provided using the facilities or interfaces and guides that have been provided, and are not allowed to access the services with methods and interfaces other than those provided. Access BizIn services are designed to be easily accessible via mobile devices. Do not use the service in a way that may interfere with your compliance with traffic safety rules or procedures.
  2. Ownership of intellectual property rights of information or content presented in BizIn services remains with the creator, including BizIn as a corporation, third parties who only work with BizIn, or users (user generated content) who agree to publish their creations in Biz services. in Bali. Using the BizIn service does not transfer ownership of the copyright to the content or information you access. You are prohibited from using information other than that intended by the BizIn service, unless you obtain permission to use it by the copyright holder.
  3. The BizIn service displays content and information from third parties that work with BizIn. Such content is the responsibility of the copyright holder or who makes it available. BizIn will make its best efforts to review, evaluate or eliminate the content/information that is displayed if it violates the usage policy or applicable legal rules. The decision to consume information or use the BizIn service is completely at your discretion, as the user.
  4. In connection with the use of the service, BizIn may send service announcements, messages or administrative information or others. You can turn off (op-out) this communication feature option.
  5. When using the BizIn service you may be asked to identify yourself so that BizIn can optimize the service for you. For example providing information of your choice, sending notifications of topics, issues, activities or events that you may be interested in, and it is possible to limit access to adult content. For self-identification authentication, you can use third-party account or identity management services. The services currently available to access BizIn Services are Google Account ( and Facebook Account. The rules for using these third party account services are governed by each service provider. Please read the information and guidelines for safe use of the service on the related service website.
  6. BizIn will give its best efforts to maintain privacy and protect copyrights in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The privacy policy will explain how BizIn collects, and manages your personal information.
  7. Some features of the BizIn service allow you to send, store, publish and share content or information. You will retain the intellectual property rights of all such materials. When you upload these materials through the BizIn service, you grant (grant) BizIn the rights and licenses to store, adapt, redistribute, create derivative products, and publicly display them. This license is intended to enable BizIn to operate, promote and improve services and/or possibly create new services. This license will continue even if you stop using BizIn services.
  8. BizIn services are provided through a website or downloadable software. The software will be continuously upgraded (update) and may automatically update the software on your device. You may have to adjust the automatic update rules. BizIn will always update and improve its services. We may add, reduce, suspend or even turn off certain services. You may stop using the BizIn Services at any time you decide. We will be sad to see you leave us, and BizIn may limit or even stop service for you. Because access to such data is very important, BizIn will continue to strive to maintain the availability of such access. However, if for one reason or another, BizIn has to stop the Service, then BizIn will give sufficient notice and time before the service is stopped.
  9. To operate the Service, BizIn mobilizes technology and skilled personnel who are professionally and commercially capable enough to provide the Service. However, there are many factors beyond the control of BizIn, and therefore BizIn makes no specific promises or guarantees for the Services. BizIn provides services as is (“as is”).
  10. If you use the Service for any purpose or on behalf of a business or for commercial purposes, you agree and accept these terms. Thus, this provision releases BizIn and all partners/related parties from all claims, demands, compensation and costs arising from service interruptions and violations of these provisions. For more detailed information about using the service for commercial purposes, please contact
  11. These rules of use, along with cyber media guidelines, community guidelines, as well as other guidelines and/or rules relating to the Service may be changed from time to time by adding new rules or modifying and/or adapting to changes in the service or applicable laws and regulations by BizIn. These terms and their amendments from time to time bind BizIn’s relationship with you, and as long as this Service continues to be used by you, you are still subject to the rules for using the Service. No other third party gains rights from this relationship.
    If there is a dispute that cannot be resolved bilaterally, then the resolution will be brought to the court/arbitration institution that has jurisdiction where the BizIn legal entity is registered.

Privacy Policy

By using the BizIn Services, you share personal information with us. Therefore, BizIn wants you to know how BizIn will store and use the information you share in order to maintain your privacy.

  1. Information collected. We collect your information in order to provide a better service, for example from where to access the service, your email address, the information you consume, and other information. We collect two kinds of information, namely:
    Information that you provide directly and indirectly, including your account information. BizIn uses third party authentication, namely Google Account and Facebook Account, then BizIn will collect information related to accounts shared by service providers, of course with your consent, including name, email address, gender, photo, and userID .
    Information that is recorded when you use the Service. As long as you use the Service, BizIn will record information about your activities, whether directly or using third party services, such as topics read, interactions, feedback, and content you share.
    Information related to device access: BizIn records information related to the device you use to access the BizIn Service, namely unique divide identification, hardware model, operating system version, network operator, and possibly a telephone number.
    Log information (event log): When you access the BizIn Service, the BizIn service server will record information related to your access, including your IP (Internet Protocol) address, operating system, browser or application interface to access and its version, device events (crashed information, hardware, language settings, referral url, date and time, cookie identification, and target url. Location information (with GPS technology or Cell Assisted GPS): When accessing the Service takes place, BizIn record your actual location information through access available in the operating system of the device you are using Local storage: To facilitate access and speed up response, BizIn may access and save information to the local storage of the device (device) with a browser web storage mechanism (HTML5 ) and application data caches Cookies and similar technologies: BizIn and BizIn partners will use various technologies, including enter cookies and similar technologies to record and collect information during your use of the Service. The information we collect and the information we get from our BizIn partners, may be associated with your account, and will be treated as your personal information.
  2. With the information collected and the results of its analysis, BizIn uses it to manage, improve and maintain the BizIn Services, for example providing contextual information services and product offerings and commercial advertisements based on your consumption patterns, location and other specific information; improve the UX (user experience) of the Service; or monitor the performance of the content/information presented.
  3. You can turn on the option to prevent browsers from storing and storing identification via cookies or similar technologies, including cookies from the BizIn Service, this will prevent most features of the Service from functioning.
  4. Updating your personal data. While using the BizIn Service, we will always try to provide access, so that you can make corrections and update your personal data if necessary. However, we may reject excessive update requests. For the sake of security (avoiding accidents due to unexpected deletion) and/or related to legal/legal cases, BizIn will keep a copy of personal information that is requested to be deleted. This copy will be kept for as long as it deems necessary.
  5. We will not share your personal/personal information with other parties outside BizIn, whether individuals, organizations, or other commercial legal entities, except:
    1. With your knowledge and permission. When doing so, BizIn implements an op-in mechanism to capture your consent.
    2. With BizIn affiliated parties or trusted partners to carry out external processing and analysis of BizIn’s internal business processes.
    3. For law enforcement reasons. We will provide access to your personal / personal information to institutions or organizations, to fulfill law enforcement processes, court processes and legal requests from the government.
  6. BizIn may share non-personally identifiable information publicly or with third parties, information production partners or commercial partners.
  7. For notification or commercial purposes, BizIn may send messages or information that are announcements, notifications, offers, promotions and/or other commercial materials to you, including information about changes to the features of the Service and security adjustments.
  8. About the security of personal/personal information. In order to safeguard the personal information contained in BizIn, we will do our best to prevent unauthorized access and alteration or disclosure and destruction of such information. As an effort, BizIn implements encryption for the BizIn Service with SSL, we use authentication services from partners with the best technology, implement access and routinely review access procedures for storage and computing facilities of BizIn.

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