BizIn Street Reporters

Contribute with News - Make money!

We are looking for local authentic stories from all over Indonesia.

Biz In’s ‘Street Reporters’ is a concept where we ask people all over Indonesia to submit interesting news and stories for us. It can be an article or video format.

Topics: business, entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, culinary and digital/branding from different parts of Indonesia. It can also be a trend of phenomenon like AI or crypto for example and how it changes in our society and businesses.

From the big cities to the smallest villages. Now your job is to spot the interesting angle and create the story.

Write in English or Indonesian

You can submit through email or DM

For videos, submit edited or no edited – up to you! Make sure to submit an explaining text with your video.


Articles: min 350 words, max 1000 words

Video max 5 min, landscape format

Email it to:

Reward for published article / video Rp. 35.000 – 50.000

Questions to include in your story:

What do they do?

Why did they start?

What is innovative with this business?

Who is the customer?

Why do people buy from this company?

What are the obstacles they overcame to succeed?

How it works

You pick a topic that excites you

You head out and do research / interviews / tell your own stories and compel it into an article or video

If you write an article, take a few photos


Do all submitted stories get paid?

No, only the stories / videos we choose to publish.

Where will they be published?

BizIn’s and The Funding’s website and social media.

How do I get paid and when?

We carry out the payment to your bank account within 3 days after your story is published.


Can I write / film about anything?

We are welcoming news and stories about on business, entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, culinary and digital & branding from different parts of Indonesia.

Do I have to be a professional writer?

Not at all!